District: 11
Summer fest

Summer Fest

District Partner: October Fest

Age: 17

Weapons: Sythe, scikle, knives.

Skills: Sythe, scikle, knives (throwing and wielding), fast runner, identifing plants, smart she won't be lured into traps, knows how to be hungry, hunting, climbing, weaving and making weapons by hand.

Strategy: Team up with October and maybe some other trustworthy tributes, get few supplies and cornucopia and forge/make what ever else she needs. Avoid other tributes but fight to the death if spotted. Try to protect October. Always change camp locations every day.

Token: none.

Weaknesses: Not very strong, hand-to-hand and not to great with swimming.

Quote: " One of us is [Refering to October] going to live, not matter what the cost."

Personality: Kind, giving, caring, bold, not afraid to put up a fight, strong, brave and smart.

History: Grew up in the small middle class in 11, her father runs a small tailor shop and her mom owns a small livestock farm. But sometimes her family starved and she had to learn new skills. After that her older brother October started the secret cock fights fights he holds at night. Summer disapproves of the events but knows he's just doing it to keep his family happy. She has lots of friends and loves her brother with all her heart. She laso enjoys reading and sports, mainly soccer.

Games entered in:

Jabberjay78's Modern Hunger Games (Placed: 8th out of 26)

Rockman27's 27th Hunger Games (Placed: ??? out of 28)

Training Score: 2 out of 12

Hoopsgirl29's 34th Hunger Games


Her original district partner was Stan Grain, but Brony changed it to October because he was sick of making romantic tributes.

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