District 4

Gender: Female

Name: Sydney Foam

Age: 15

Appearance: He has caramel hair that she keeps back in two braids. Her eyes are very light blue green eyes that shine bright. Her height is average at 5 foot 6 inches. She is very skinny but very well fed.

Personality: She is very sweet and nice, but she often times is very quiet, deep in thought. She is very smart and gets straight A’s. She is also a great singer and writes some songs along with poetry too. She has seldom friends, but those who are her friends are very close with her. She does have a boyfriend, Vance, and they have known each other since they were young and he is the one person she can be herself around.

Skills: She is quick and can handle a knife or sword as well as the next person. Her weakness is that she might have trouble finding the inner strength to kill another human being. She is also clever and crafty and could probably steal from someone else’s supplies or find things hidden in anywhere in the arena, on land or probably even in water.

Strategy: She guesses that the Careers would be her best bet since she is a District 4 even though she despises all Careers. Maybe show what skills she can muster in order to sustain sponsor support. After it gets to the final 8, she would ditch the Careers and hide all by herself somewhere near a food or water source for the rest of the Games.

History: Sydney has a very rich family. Her father is a developer of an amazingly large company in District 4 and her mother is the mayor’s assistant. Her parents are always at work and she hardly ever sees them, so Sydney holds a grudge against the both of them. She is often depressed because of this and the only reason she will fight to get home is for her boyfriend and few friends.