Tameo is finished. Her district partner is Paola Fernand. When submitting District 5, they don't need to be together.

Tameo's Info

Name: Tameo Arghus
Tameo arghus 2

Age: 14

Gender: Male

District: 5

Personality: Tameo is very kind and friendly, but he is very picky about what he will eat and he has a huge defect, he is anorexic.

Backstory: Tameo born on a rich family in the wealthiest part of the district. He used to have what he wanted, because his parents were rich and his mother worked on a fruits market. His father was the leader of a fast-food in the center of the district, and Tameo loved fast-food. He ate a lot of hamburger and ice cream, so he got fat really fast. Then, he became fat. His worst nightmare. He started to be bullied on the school and he got away, making no true friends. But one day, three of the most popular boys in his school persecuted him in his path to home, and one of them had a stupid idea. They harmed Tameo and wrapped him on an old factory in the district and they tree raped him, and then, they spanked him almost to the death. Tameo went crazy, but he hold it in silence, but he changed. He started to eat, and then, vomit it on a hidden place away from his parents. In two years, he became thin, and he can't spell a single word about the rape, because the boys will harm him up again. During that time, Tameo never fell in love, because he has afraid.

Height: 5'7

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Bow and Arrow, Knife

Strengths: Intelligence, Hiding, Stealthy

Weaknesses: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Big People

Fear: Became fat again.

Interview Angle: He will be the quiet one. He will try to stay in silence during all the interview and never mention about his sad past.

Bloodbath Strategy: He will be with his allies, and do what they do. If they run, he will run together. If they fight, he will fight with them.

Games Strategy: He will keep in his alliance and never attack one of them. When the final day arrives, he will try to remember the boys that raped him to vengeance on the other tributes.

Tribute Token: None.

Allies: Happy people.

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