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Tribute of the Month

This title is dedicated to exceptional tributes of active users, and will be determined by the community. The winning tribute will be put on display here and its owner will be rewarded a badge to be displayed on the tribute's page and/or on their user page.


This month's winner is:

Valencia Sonar

Valencia Sonar (created by Oneders)

User of the Month

This title is dedicated to exceptional users who have helped make our commmunity a better place, and will be determined entirely by the community. The winning user will be rewarded a badge to be displayed on their profile.


This month's winner is:


Featured Tribute

About During each month's "Tribute of Month," five tributes proceed to the final round. The four tributes who place second through fifth become the "Feature Tribute of the Week" during one week of the next month.
Miiko Dejong
Past Winners
To see past winners, see Featured Tribute of the Week.

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The Hunger Games Roleplaying Wiki is the fannon counter part to The Hunger Games Wiki. On this wiki fans of the Hunger Games are free to let their imaginations run wild. We are mainly dedicated to the creation of tributes and fan-made Hunger Games. The wiki is also home to fan-fiction, traditional roleplay, and many devote Hunger Games fans.

We are currently housing 4,888 articles, and 16,100 files as of July 18, 2019.

We have -1 active users on this wiki.

Feel free to start your own story and/or character to help us expand this wiki! Also, check out our auction page to possibly find something to help you get started! Also feel free to help us organize pages by adding categories, and check out our category guide! Take a look in our "Guides" section for some help getting started.

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Need a little something to help you get started? Having trouble creating that perfect tribute? Are you stuck? Well, the guides are here to help. 

Creation Guides

The three guides below are basic guides to create the three most common character types on this wiki. Tributes, escorts, and mentors.

Tribute Creation Guide • Escort Creation • Mentor Creation Guide

Tribute Guides

As tributes are the most common characters created here, and are the basis of this wiki, we've compiled four guides to assist users in making tributes.

Tribute Naming Guide • Strengths and Weaknesses Guide • Picture Guide • Category Guide

Game Guides

Along with tributes, fan-made Hunger Games are very popular on this wiki. Many people aren't sure how to start a Games, or how to format the page for it. Below are a couple guides to assist you in the process.

Coming Soon! Until a staff member can finish and approve these guides, check out the ones above!



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