There are rules to uploading images.   

  • Images that are graphic or inappropriate will be removed. We trust you will use your best judgement on this. If you have to ask, it's probably inappropriate.
  • An image is owned by the user who first uploads it.
  • To prevent another user from using an image, you need to be able to show where you have the image and where they have the image, and then the administrators will check to see who uploaded it first.
  • Please do not upload images without adding them to a page. Either the tribute's page or an image storage will suffice. This prevents the image from being auto-deleted.
  • If asked to change an image by an administrator, please do so.
  • Please do not complain to other users about using a picture, please report it to one of the administrators.
  1. Tehblakdeath
  2. PoisonedPoetry
  3. TheAmericanDream
  4. Enraptured Misfit

If you do complain to other users, and don't go through the administrators, it can result in a block.

Please adhere to these simple rules to ensure our wiki runs smoothly. Anyone violating these rules will be given a warning, and then a 3 day block will follow. If multiple infractions occur, a week block will be issued. If the issue is still not resolved, the administrators will discuss the issue and settle on a long-term block.

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