The Modern Hunger Games




Aaron Blue (D4), Jenny Sparks (D2), and Ridge Hillsong (D12)


Tux Golden (D1), Peacekeepers


5 Days

Number of Tributes

26 (Districts 0-12)

The Modern Hunger Games were a games created by Jabberjay78 and held on the Hunger Games Wiki. Tributes were entered starting on September 10th, 2011. The games were started on September 14th, 2011 and were finished on October 2nd, 2011. These games were Jabberjay's 4th games.


These games take place in the country of Panem, but there is a strange twist to these games. Twenty-six tributes will be chosen randomly, but the arena and rules are much different than in the past. The tributes will be placed in a city-like arena, inhabited with many actors and regular people who do not know that they have been placed in a games. Instead, these people will be living their lives as if they were in a real city. But the tributes don't have to kill each other this time. Because peacekeepers will be released, tasked with killing any tribute they see. So who will survive these deadly games? This time, there may be more than one victor. But only if the tributes can figure out the secret of the arena.



  1. Tributes may not kill townspeople
  2. Peacekeepers can kill tributes and tributes can kill peacekeepers
  3. Tributes can kill each other, as usual
Ending Banner Modern

The Ending Banner

Supplies and the Arena:
  1. There is no cornucopia, the tributes start at seperate places in the arena
  2. Tributes may stay in apartments in the town, gather supplies from any sources, and use parts of the arena to their advantage.
  3. There are no gamemaker traps
  4. There are no sponsers
  5. There are no mentors
  6. If an alliance has more than three people, gamemakers will give peacekeeprs a tracking device to find said triubtes.
  7. A majority of the townspeople are drugged to think they are in the Capitol, and do not know they are in the games.
  8. Each tribute has an earpiece that "rings" when a tribute has died. At the end of the day (around 9 o' clock) the tributes who died that day are announced in the earpiece.


  1. The last tribute standing is crowned victor
  2. The victor does not necessarily have to kill anyone
  3. The games can be ended via a secret method in the arena. If this happens, more than one victor is possible
  4. No matter how many peacekeepers are killed, they will be replaced


Unlike any other games so far, tributes were handpicked by Jabberjay. These characters were some of his favorite tributes and picked based mostly on lunaii, name, and personality.

District Male User Female User
Zero Dusk Shivers Firecatcher3 Fawn Sage Firecatcher3
One Tux Golden Tommyboy97 Jade Sycamore Skybender101
Two Bradley Ward Fantasyfilm99 Genevieve Sparks DistrictTributexD
Three Steel Plate EffieLuna Lexi Strong EffieLuna
Four Aaron Blue Nate777 Oceana Blowfish MnkyGrlsj
Five Fall Sky Moviepopcorn123 Ora Gaffe Prezziesnow9704:)!
Six Zuan Klowc Eievie Autumn Lush Tommyboy97
Seven Rush Leafs Moviepopcorn123 Paige Bennet DistrictTributexD
Eight Everett Frazier DistrictTributexD Mystique Cirque Anon...
Nine Echo Stone PurplexMuffin Sapphire Rolland PurplexMuffin
Ten Vulcan Olympus Anon.... Venus Olympus Anon....
Eleven Lion Coy Kenzen11 Summer Fest Brony12
Twelve Ridge Hillsong Tiki tooki Anya Showers Skybender101


Part One

26. Paige Bennet: Shot by Peacekeeper (Day 1)

25. Rush Leafs: Shot in chest by Peacekeeper (Day 1)

24. Autumn Lush: Shot in stomach by Peacekeeper (Day 2)

23. Vulcan Olympus: Shot in stomach by Peacekeeper (Day 2)

22. Steel Plate: Knife to chest by Oceana Blowfish (Day 2)

21. Everett Frazier: Shot in the head by Peacekeeper (Day 3)

20. Mystique Cirque: Sword to back by Aaron Blue (Day 3)

Part Two

19. Jade Sycamore: Shot in the stomach by Tux Golden (Day 4)

18. Dusk Shivers: Shot in the heart by Tux Golden (Day 4)

17. Ora Gaffe: Shot in the heart by a Peacekeeper (Day 4)

16. Zuan Klowc: Shot in the heart by a peacekeeper (Day 4)

15. Lexi Strong: Knife to the stomach by Oceana Blowfish (Day 5)

14. Bradley Ward: Knife to the heart by Tux Golden (Day 5)

13. Fawn Sage: Knife to the back by Tux Golden (Day 5)

Part Three

12. Sapphire Rolland: Shot in the stomach by Tux Golden (Day 5)

11. Lion Coy: Killed by earthquake and falling injury (Day 5)

10. Tux Golden: Fell into fissure crack during earthquake (Day 5)

9. Echo Stone: Bridge crumbles beneath him and falls (Day 5)

8. Summer Fest: Falls off of beam during bridge collapse (Day 5)

7. Oceana Blowfish: Falls off bridge during earthquake (Day 5)

6. Fall Sky: Dies in bridge collapse (Day 5)

5. Venus Olympus: Dies in bridge collapse (Day 5)

4. Anya Showers: Incinerated by Fireball (Day 5)

1. Ridge Hillsong: VICTOR!

1. Genevieve "Jenny" Sparks: VICTOR!

1. Aaron Blue: VICTOR!

The Games


The Modern Hunger Games: The Games

Tribute Pictures

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