District: 2
Trina Smith

Trina Smith

District Partner(s): Dare Ward or Brass Sater or George Gold

Age: 17

Weapons: Throwing knives, spears.

Skills: throwing and wileding knives, spear throwing and fighting with one too. Trina is also the master strategist and knows how to plan her every move way a head of time but is also good at improvising. She's laso quick on ehr feet during a fight and knows the basics of survival skills.

Strategy: For the first day, she'll join the Careers and work with them but on the first night, she'll slip away in the middle of the night with some supplies (if her District partner is Dare she'll ask him to join her). After that, avoid the other tributes in general.

Token: None

Weaknesses: Wants to help others a lot. couldn't kill Dare

Personality: Nice, kind, giving, not afraid of getting her hands dirty in a fight, smart, calm, colected.

History: Is a part of one of the richer families in the District. She likes helping out with the poor and that's how she meet Dare, the two became good friends. She's good in school and has some good friends. She also has a slight crush on Dare.

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