12 Velma

Velma Ready

Velma is a signature tribute.

District 12

District Partner: Rick Patterson or Mike Wear

Age: 16

Weapons: Knives, throwing adn wielding them, sword if needed. Velma is also pretty resourceful and can fight with a light axe or spear.

Skills: Smart, hidding, camo, throwing knives, stealth, very sneaky. She's fast, good at climbing and setting up snares. She can also identify edible plants and can swim. She also knows how to be hungry. She walso wants to learn sword fighting in training.

Startegy: Pretend to not hate the Capitol during the reapings, chariot rides, training and the interviews so the isn't killed instantly. She'll act secretive and sly during her interviews, to make the aduience curious to just what her strategy is. Velma plans on allying some other Capitol haters and Ooly grab the stuff closest to her plate at the bloodbath, then when the Careers leave the Cornucopia to start hunting, steal some more stuff. Rebell against the Capitol in the arena towards the end. She'll try to find a way to get her whole alliance to escape the arena. Velma won't hesitate to put her life in danger to save other, weak, defencless tributes from Careers. If she can't save her remaining allies in the end, she plans on killing herself to save the others, knowing she would hava horrible life anyways. If she's in the fianls with no allies she plans on winning and fake her death once she gets home. She's heard the rumors of District 13 and will hide there. If Dsitrct 13 is part of Panem in the games she'll just flee into the wilderness and live off the land.

Token: A small wooden bird, symbolic of her dead mother.

Weaknesses: Her pure hatred of the Captiol.

Quote: "We can't just... Sit here while our friends and family suffer under the tyranny of the Capitol!"

History: Velma grew up in the Seam with a very poor family. Her family consisted of her dad, mom, and two younger brothers. Velma's mother died of starvation when Velma was 7, leaving her in cahrge of the house while her father worked. Velma cooked, cleaned, tried to keep what littel money they had in order while her brothers went to school. When Velma turned 12 she went to the square to buy food when she saw one of her younger brothers, dead. He was beaten by peace keepers for protesting the Capitol. Of course he didn't know the consquences of his actions, being only 8. That day Velma snuck across the fence in sadness and found some thrwoing knives hidden in the hollow of a tree. She considered running away but she quickly disregarded the idea. She had to be there to support her family adn one day. Maybe, just maybe, she could bring the Capitol down.

Personality: secretive, not-afraid-to-say-what's-on-her-mind, smart, calm.

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