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Name: Viola Galdy
Viola NEW2

Gender: Female

District: 1

Age: 17

Main Weapon: Throwing Axes

Other Weapons: Knives, or a Slingshot

Strengths: Viola comes across as a sweet girl and is very likeable, but once you get to know her she is cruel and vile. She is a trained career, so she knows and is very good with combat and battle strategy. Also she is a good swimmer and a good throwing arm that she uses to throw axes with.

Weaknesses: Plant identification, Fishing

Personality: Viola is very sweet to adults and to people that admire her abilities to fight.She is always willing to help those people and be the nicest person and be there whenever they need her. But she is a truely cruel person to everybody else. She is selfish and she would betray someone in a split second if she thinks that someone else could guide her on a better path. She hates people that hae a chance to get in her way and she will humiliate people in a certain way close to them if she is crossed in a wrong way.

Interview angle: Sweet, sexy

Height: 5'9 feet

Alliances: Careers

History: She grew up in District 1 all her life.  She trained every single day since she was the age of 5 in the training academy. She grew up to be a huge threat to people and a lot of the trainers admired her and focused their knowlege to help her and only her. She had a younger brother named Vitus,  who she dispised  terribly. He was very intellectual and smart which Viola's parents valued more than Viola's athletic ability. One night she was so mad at her brother that she stole some knives from the District 1 training center and  snuck into his room when he was sleeping and murderd Vitus. She then snuck into her parents room and put the knives in her fathers hands to frame him. He was prosecuted, and Viola's moter killed herself because of the stress and the shame that their family had.  After that for the rest of her life Viola lived alone and mainly focused on her training for the Hunger Games in hope that she would be reaped.

Games Strategy: Stick with the careers and when it's time slit their throats while they sleep and run off.

Fears: One day someone finding out that she murderd her brother.


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