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Vivan Incomstanti is District partners with Kwartz Diodin


Name: Vivan Incomstanti
Vivan N

District: 10

Age: 16

Height: 5'9

Gender: Female

Weapons: Knife, throwing knife

Skills: Setting snares and she is a fast runner

Weaknesses: She isn't a very good swimmer and she has a bit of anger issues.

Fears: Losing anymore loved ones and losing her abiloity to run.

Background: Life in District 10 isn't just having a happy little farm, where you collect eggs and shave sheep, it's a District where survival of the fittest takes place, or in Vivan's oppinion it is. When Vivan was only 2, both her parents were working on there family farm, and startled some cows and bulls when they were going to feed them. The animals freaked out and trampled Vivan's parents, just like that Vivan and her brother Oak were orphans. Her and her brother Oak who was 12 at the time went to live with their grandmother. Her grandma was a kind and gentle soul, always helping out with anything that she can do, and loving everyone. Once Vivan was old enough she worked at some of the local farms herding the animals with her fast legs and butchering cows. When Vivan was 6 and Oak was 16 they moved out into there own home and had thier own farm. Vivan became really close to her brother and valued everything. She valued the food on the table that was just enough to keep her going, she valued her friends and family that she always loved to talk to, and she especially valued her life, and would only trade it for her parents lives.

Personality: Vivan is very serious. She does like to goof aroun but only to certain people. Vivan also when she is angered can become dangerous, so you wouldn't want to make her upset.


1. The 275th Hunger Games- Wesolini

Place: 26/26

How: Vivan ran to the Cornucopia grabbed a knife and cut the girl from 2's leg. The girl got upset and grabbed metal claws, and clawed Vivan's face off instantly killing her.

2. The Breakfast Games- Lily!

Place: N/A

How: N/A

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