District: 3
Volt Down

Volt Down

District Partner: Destiny Bow or Electra Thunder

Age: 12

Weapons: Knife, electricity, traps.

Skills: Volt is a cunning tribute who is detirmined to win the Hunger Games. He may be young but Volt is fierce fighter with a knife and can take a Career down who's wielding a much better weapon. Volt can conduct electricity with the sky or anything with a charge. Also, just like his older brother, Volt is a master trap artist.

Strategy: During training and his interviews pretend to be weak so the Careers won't bat an eye at him. Ally with whom is his district partner and enlist them to help him slaughter the Career pack. He'll get rid of the Careers by setting up traps where ever they go or seperating them and attacking them one-by-one. After their all dead he'll kill his ally and go solo. If in the games with Gauge: Only kill him if nessicary, don't ally with him.

Token: His golden colored tie.

Weaknesses: Cocky, traps don't always work.

Quote: None

Personality: Ruthless, will do anything to get what he wants. Smart, calculating, cool in a fight. Great lier.

History: when Volt was born his mom soon did afterwards and he was taken care of by his father and his older brother Gauge Down. Volt secretly trained for the games and around anyoneelse acted sweet and innocent. Volt rigged the reapings and managed to prevent Gauge from volunteering for him.

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