District 1

Gender: Male

Name: Will Parsons

Age: 16
Will District 1

Appearance: Thick, spiked dark red hair and he has light green-gray eyes, along with a medium tan. He is well-boned and tall at 6 foot 3 inches. His face is very handsome, open, and kind. He is a definite looker, and many people like him.

Personality: He is very intellectual and has straight A’s, but he is also quiet and keeps to himself. He is kind to others but is very shy most of the time. People can trust him with problems and secrets and they know they can rely on him. Once you know him, he is probably the best person in the whole world. He blocks out all the pain and none of his classmates know what really had happened to him.

Skills: Although he never planned to be in the Hunger Games, and therefore has no Career training, Will can handle any weapon because of his incredible strength along with his great accuracy. Also, despite his size, Will can definitely climb and would probably be able to hide even in a tree. His brains could definitely help him, because he has a knowledge of plants and animals, but he can also camouflage himself easily. He would always scout around the area he was about to go into, and be absolutely sure that there were no traps around.

Strategy: He would keep his head in the game right from the start. As soon as he first saw his fellow tributes, he would analyze everything. Their history, height, weight, weaknesses, strengths, personality, possible alliances. He would use all this information against them in the games. After all, he would have more information than probably anyone in the games. He would try hard in training, but not as well as he could have. Try to stay in the background for the chariot rides and interviews so other tributes won’t remember him, but of course, he’d remember them. In the Games, he would run and grab one, maybe two items from the Cornucopia and run for a river or other water source and hide in the foliage near it, camouflaged. If a tribute tried or did find them, he would kill them, be a little mad at himself, but still, he knows he survived just a little longer.

History: Unlike pretty much other privileged, prissy, District 1 kid, Will had a quite difficult upbringing. At the age of only four, his mother left his father after he had beaten them both, and then his dad had been caught after a street violence incident and had been accused of killing three men and one women, one of the men and the women had even been friends with the family. His mother had turned him in in fact. His father was put in jail and Will and his mother simply disappeared. They had in fact run to a homeless shelter where they would live for two years, since Will’s father had been a businessman and had supplied all of the family’s money. After two years, Will’s mom found a job as a preschool teacher. They lived happily until Will was thirteen. That was when his father broke out of jail. That was when his father came to kill his mother. He wanted to kill her after she turned him in. He succeeded and then killed himself in order to never be put in jail again. Will has been in a foster home since then. Brokenhearted and waiting for the next horror to be released. Now he’s headed for the Hunger Games.